Stewardship App

The Stewardship app displays costs of meds, labs, and rads, and suggests lower cost alternatives without disrupting provider workflow.

The app displays iatrogenic risk data alongside the wholesale costs of scheduled medications, lab, and radiology tests, giving providers the information they need to give value based care. On a DRG-adjusted basis, the app has produced a $170.16-per-admission decrease, on average, in the cost of inpatient medications, labs, and radiology tests. No negative effects on mortality, readmissions, or length of stay have been observed.


The app displays the cost of lab tests, but also tracks lab timing intervals (to discourage repeated labs within a non-clinically-useful time frame), as well as phlebotomy-associated blood loss and the associated anemia risk.

The Ribbon displays the cost of medications (by cost per day of scheduled orders), lower cost and dose-equivalent alternatives (if applicable and on formulary) as well as the increased risk of C. difficile from antibiotics and proton pump inhibitors, risk of adverse drug reactions from polypharmacy and excess fall risk from sedatives and opioids.

It displays the cost of imaging, but also reveals cumulative medical radiation exposure across patient encounters and estimates the associated cancer risk based on patient-specific factors to frame physics metrics into human terms. In all cases, “costs” means the wholesale supply cost to produce the item and not charges to the patient.

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