Increase Prescribing Efficiency of Specialty Medications

IllumiCare partnered with RxLightning to provide healthcare providers with a streamlined approach to prescribing, ordering, and tracking specialty medication and the enrollment process within the Electronic Health Record (EHR) workflow.

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Specialty Medications are creating an excessive and growing burden

The average healthcare office spends more than 15 hours a week completing paperwork for a single specialty medication, contributing to a delay of a week or more for patients to begin the prescribed therapy more than 52 percent of the time. This promises to become an even larger issue as specialty medications are expected to account for 70 percent of new medication launches from now until 2023.

Time consuming

  • The average healthcare office staff spends 3-15 hours per week on paperwork for a single patient.
  • 52% of the time it takes more than 1 week for a patient to start on therapy.

Form complexity

  • No standardization of enrollment forms across manufacturer, hubs, or specialty pharmacies.
  • Number of drug forms are high.
  • 1 med may have multiple forms creating repetitive administrative work.

Extensive info needs

  • Info required to complete forms correctly varies and may not be readily available.
  • Healthcare providers are required to know what information is required for what.

RxLightning and the IllumiCare Ribbon®


RxLightning is available on IllumiCare’s Smart Ribbon®, a non-intrusive ribbon of information that appears within or momentarily hovers over a hospital’s EMR to display critical data that supports better clinical decision-making, giving healthcare providers a single destination to enroll patients for any specialty medication—brand or generic—at any specialty pharmacy.

The app eliminates the need for healthcare providers to go to multiple portals or chase down the appropriate paperwork to complete the enrollment process, leaving them with more time to care for their patients. In addition, one of the primary benefits of the app is its ability to autofill basic information directly into the enrollment form, further simplifying the process.

“Our partnership with IllumiCare is instrumental in making the process of ordering and receiving specialty medications easier for all parties, including the provider, pharmacy and patient. We’re excited to be able to bring such a simple, seamless and long-overdue solution to the incredibly frustrating issue of specialty drug enrollment.”
– Julia Regan, CEO of RxLightning.