Real-time Cost Transparency

We ask for “value-based care” but how are providers supposed to make value judgments if they don’t know what things cost? The Stewardship app teaches and reinforces a value mindset by exposing real hospital costs to providers and nudging in their clinical workflow when lower cost opportunities exist, supplemented with clinical guidance and citations. The result is $100+ per admission in hard-dollar savings, adding up to millions of dollars.

Attributed to the Responsible Provider

The app uses your own wholesale acquisition cost for medicines and your direct, variable cost accounting data for labs to give a true representation to providers of what things cost. More importantly, we know the cost of every order, by every provider, the provider specialtyand the patient’s acuity. From that, we understand variation in practice patterns among similar providers.

We use machine learning to turn our understanding of each provider’s practice tendencies into personalized contextual education. Content is delivered to the right provider at the right time…and not too often.

Real Costs

  • Your hospital’s true costs (not charges)
  • Calculated on every med, lab and radiology order

Real Time

  • In provider workflow
  • No extra clicks or other places to look

Really Effective

  • 70k+ current physician users
  • $100+ per admission savings
stewardship home screen

In one view, providers see the cost of every order, can search for alternatives and has current opportunities highlighted.


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