The Smart Ribbon is an EMR-agnostic platform of apps that utilizes a patented technology to automatically appear on the EMR screen while maintaining both provider and patient context. It can “nudge” users into action without obstructing provider workflow.

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Here is a list of our apps:
Stewardship teaches and reinforces a value mindset by exposing real hospital costs to clinicians and nudging in their clinical workflow when lower cost opportunities exist.
Length of Stay compiles the clinical barriers to discharge, making it easy for clinicians to tick down the list if a patient is ready to go.
With Gaps, Ambulatory clinicians see open care and coding gaps in your ACO/MSSP population.

Trials nudges clinicians at point of care when their patient matches the referral criteria set by the study coordinator. No complex EMR / BPA programming required!

WHIRL is the EMR…on paper…in your pocket. Put all the relevant data from Epic, for clinicians’ patients, on paper – in compact, fully customizable, printed rounding lists.

Spotlight provides visibility of practice pattern variation among clinicians of the same type that drives over-utilization and higher costs. 

Announcements are high priority clinical posts that may be relevant to specific facilities within your health system or relevant to your health system as a whole. 

ARUP provides clinicians with a high-level view of the financial and clinical impact of lab orders.

Benchmarking empowers each clinician to compare their spending per admission with others in the same specialty.

HIE displays the patient details currently in view of the EMR. Filterable results lists are available to print or save. 

Ingenious Med allows quick access to the Ingenious Med solution to provide comprehensive charge capture, improved coding compliance, and enhanced EHR documentation validation. 

Clinical Documentation Improvement notifies clinicians of queries that have been curated by the CDI team. 

Observation notifies providers, within the Smart Ribbon, of the amount of time a patient has been on obs status. 

PDMP provides a link to your state’s PDMP database. It automatically transcribes patient demographic information within the app to quickly display a patient’s PDMP report. 

RxLightning is a streamlined approach to prescribing, ordering, and tracking specialty medication and the enrollment process within the EMR workflow. 

RxOffers electronically sends prescription discount offers to patients. 

UpToDate keeps clinicians logged into their account to seamlessly track accrued CME’s. The knowledge contained in UpToDate is evidence based and continuously updated. 

Resources is a repository that contains informational content (clinical resources and patient education) relevant to the patient being viewed in the EMR. 

VigiLanz transforms the full potential of system-wide data into actionable alerts that empower earlier intervention for optimal outcomes. 

Worklist provides a summary of VigiLanz activations across many different patients at different facilities. 

History allows clinicians to search for alternative costs for lab and rad tests, see a patient’s labs and results for the past 30 days, and their radiology tests for the past 2 years. 

Antibiogram integrates susceptibilities and cost into one easily accessible view.