Vizient Southern States
partners with IllumiCare


Vizient Southern States members now have easy access to proven technologies. These technologies lower physician controlled costs, ease opioid management, and provide interoperability health systems seek. IllumiCare® is a workflow-conscious ribbon of information that hovers over the EMR. It gives providers real-time, patient-specific wholesale costs (not charges), PDMP, risks and other custom data about the patient concurrently being viewed. It is a “ribbon” of actionable intelligence that appears over the EMR Screen/Page.

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    Displaying cost data at the point of care causes providers to be more diligent. It empowers them to provide safer, more cost efficient care, and become true Clinician Stewards.

    Supporting Collaboratives with the Controlled Substance App

    Accelerating Performance with the Stewardship App

    “All Vizient Southern States members, including those enrolled in Vizient’s Opioid Stewardship Collaborative, can benefit from IllumiCare’s new technology. We are excited about their controlled substance app, as it addresses the opioid management needs of our members.” – – Sharon Ellis, Sr. Director, Clinical Improvement, at Vizient Southern States

    “IllumiCare’s solutions align with our mission to ensure our members deliver high-quality, cost-effective care by connecting them with the knowledge, solutions, and expertise that accelerate performance. We are excited to offer the Smart Ribbon to help our hospitals further drive high-quality, cost-effective healthcare.” - Michael S. White, FACHE, CHFP, Vice President of Business Development & Operations at Vizient Southern States

    Proving Value

    Customers and studies at both academic medical centers and community hospitals have shown that IllumiCare saves $170 per admission, a fraction of its cost.