The ARUP Ribbon™ powered by IllumiCare provides clinicians with a high-level view of the financial and clinical impact of lab orders including access to the ARUP Consult® web tool and ARUP Frequency Algorithms.

We never tell the provider not to order another test. We just provide them with the context they need to make a proper judgment about whether the utility of that next test is worth the cost and patient risk.


ARUP Frequency Algorithms

Medical directors and genetic counselors at ARUP have developed Frequency Algorithms to assist clinicians understand the clinical utility and cost effectiveness of ordered test helping to reduce healthcare cost to hospitals, insurers, and patients.


ARUP Consult

ARUP Consult® web tool offers point-of-care diagnostic and interpretive information that is displayed within the clinician’s work flow. It assists the physician select the right laboratory tests for the patient by researching one of nearly 300 disease topics broken down by diagnostic and clinical background information, pharmacogenetics, screening and monitoring suggestions, algorithms, related topics, and relevant references. Each topic is coauthored and maintained by ARUP Laboratories’ expert panel of University of Utah faculty and updated regularly with current guidelines and recommendations.

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