How Medical Cost Information Affects Physician Behavior


To help physicians understand treatment costs and make the best decisions for patients at the point of care, the Texas Hospital Association is introducing THA Smart Ribbon powered by IllumiCare. This patent-pending, non-intrusive “ribbon” of information gives physicians real-time, patient-specific cost and patient risk data, without electronic health record integration.

The main ribbon hovers over the EHR, giving physicians more immediate access to detailed data about medications, labs and radiology. The tool also includes a feature that allows physicians to easily access cost information.

“Efficiently informing physicians about treatment costs and risk of patient harm at the time they are about to order the next test or medication provides a significant opportunity to continue the very best care delivery while also stemming costs and improving patient satisfaction.”TED SHAW, THA PRESIDENT/CEO

As physicians and health care systems become more aligned in order to control costs and improve care, THA Smart Ribbon can improve collaboration.

While providing the very best care is the first priority for physicians, they routinely have options in terms of lower-cost prescription medications and services, some of which are duplicative. Considering physicians affect approximately 87 percent of hospital costs, THA Smart Ribbon creates an avenue for increased clinical efficiency, thereby improving patient care and reducing health care costs – a win/win scenario.

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