When We Say "We Can Save You Money,"
We Actually Show You The Money.

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Five Things We Do To Save Our Customers Money
IllumiCare customers are achieving hard dollar, measurable savings of $170 per admission and more, totaling tens of millions of dollars per year. IllumiCare does five things to help make that happen.
First, we deliver real-time cost transparency to providers for medications and tests-usingthehospital'sowncostdata,notcharges. For example,with medications, we use the daily cost of medications for that hospital from its drug wholesaler, and calculate the actual cost to supply every medication order, in real-time.
Second, we attribute the cost of every order to the ordering provider (even mapping to the appropriate attending or service in academic centers). We know the cost of every order, who the ordering provider was, the provider specialty, the total cost of the admission and the patient acuity.
The third thing we do is understand clinical variation and provider practice patterns. While we see the decisions made by one provider in one colorectal case...as we look across the decisions made by that same provider across multiple cases, a pattern of behavior emerges. We then compare that provider to others in the same subspecialty when taking care of similar patients to discover the drivers of clinical variation.
Learn How We Can Save You Money
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Fourth,we provide individualized, real-time provider coaching. Our proprietary Smart Ribbon, which is an EMR-agnostic tool for displaying information automatically in context at point-of-care (requiring no login or patient lookup), takes what we know about each providers' practice patterns and where they tend to overspend the most relative to their peers... and when that provider has made a similar decision in a given patient, we use that opportunity to give them a personalized, evidence-based nudge.
Fifth, we embed this cost data into and along with workflow enhancing tools - fast access to results, even from prior admissions; automatic PDMP check and notifications, drug coupon lookup and electronic send to the patient.
Fewer clicks and more efficient clinical practice are a win for patients, providers and health systems.
How would your hospitals savings compare?
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