Early Positive Results at Four Hospital System

IllumiCare® is a non-intrusive “ribbon of information” that hovers over the electronic medical record and gives providers real-time, patient-specific hospital cost and iatrogenic risk data at the point of care. Many prior studies have demonstrated that when providers are presented with cost and risk data during the ordering process, they tend to be more fiscally efficient while also reducing iatrogenic risks.

IllumiCare began collecting data from a Birmingham, AL health system in July 2015. A limited number of providers got access to IllumiCare in late November 2015.

We compared IllumiCare users to a cohort of other providers in the same specialty at the same hospital. IllumiCare users had lower average cost per admission for medications, labs and radiology testing in the intervention period (Dec-Jan) versus the baseline period (July-Nov).


When compared to other physicians with the same specialty at the same hospital, IllumiCare users outperformed their non-user peers by 5%-68%. In all instances IllumiCare user average costs went down.

This early look at outcomes suggests that IllumiCare is having an effect on provider utilization. As in prior studies, providers order fewer and less expensive medications, labs and radiological tests when given hospital cost and iatrogenic risk data at the point of care.

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