ARUP Collaboration Announcement

SALT LAKE CITY, August 18, 2017 /PRNewswire/–ARUP Laboratories and IllumiCare have announced a strategic collaboration to provide clinicians with content and decision support.


In an era of rising patient deductibles and health insurance premiums, it is ever more important to spend healthcare dollars efficiently. Physicians are being asked to provide “value-based care,” yet they are not routinely told what things cost.

“ARUP has long been an advocate of empowering clinicians with current testing knowledge and providing unparalleled guidance through ARUP’s utilization management services,” says Andrew Fletcher, MD, the ARUP medical director of Consultative Services. “We are excited to share the research and expertise of our 90+ medical directors.”

IllumiCare’s Smart Ribbon is a non-intrusive ribbon of information that hovers over or embeds within the electronic medical record and provides real-time visibility of the cumulative risk and financial impact of tests and medications being ordered during the course of care. Studies show that displaying cost and risk of patient harm at the point of care causes physicians to provide safer and more efficient care.

“This partnership allows us to bring the expertise and best practice recommendations of a leading national reference laboratory to physicians at the point of care,” says G.T. LaBorde, CEO of IllumiCare. “Clinicians are being asked to remove waste and provide better care at a lower cost. The Smart Ribbon, with ARUP, provides valuable content for informed decision making, helping to reduce clinical and cost variation during the treatment of care.”

IllumiCare and ARUP together recognize that behind each lab test is a patient that may experience discomfort and a risk of harm. This collaboration seeks to ensure that patients receive the right test at the right time.


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