IllumiCare Bends the Cost Curve...

When providers get real-time clinical cost insights paired with performance transparency and incentivization, providers order fewer and less expensive tests and medicines. Clinical efficiency is good for patients and the bottom line.

And It's a Platform to Do So Much More

As an EMR-agnostic platform of apps that automatically appears on the same screen and with patient context, it gives power back to clinicians to control their workflows, improve cost/quality and bring some joy back to clinical practice.
Users decide what apps, in which order, and where they appear on the screen.
Not All Hospitalist Groups are Created Equal

Comparing groups of hospitalists poses several challenges. First, not all providers who practice hospital internal medicine are labeled as a “hospitalist” in the data. Second, a hospitalist is hardly ever the only provider involved in the care of an inpatient. Third, any one patient may be cared for by multiple hospitalists or other advanced practitioners who are aligned with that hospitalist group (and, in some patients, there is overlap in the groups). Fourth, patient populations are heterogenous. IllumiCare is uniquely able to capture real-time insights on physician controlled expenses and patient acuity.

– posted May 25, 2021

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A look at patients positive for COVID-19 & affects on cost and care.

– posted March 4, 2021

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More input does not always equal more output

– posted October 23, 2019

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Which physician specialties have the most inpatient

– posted July 2, 2019

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EMRs try to make everyone happy but end up making nobody happy.
We do happy one at a time.

Mike Liebl HIMSS20 Presentation

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